Imagined Eternities: Bounded and Endangered
d 15 2012
m 5
When we travel to Africa, we are sold eternity - the lions' eternal hunt for the impala; the endless pranks of the young baboons; the never-ending array of sunrises and sunsets. To a lot of Europeans, Africa is Kenya or Tanzania. The Rift Valley in itself may seem endless, stretching from Mozambique into Jordan, and in popular imagination it is spotted by tribal cultures that in themselves are relics from a distant past, spanning an indefinite continuity of time (and, yes, people still pay to see this). Read more

Beyond the Limits of Language: Sociality, Pleasure and Happiness
d 16 2012
m 4
As a contemporary student of social sciences and the humanities, I have spent hours and days and weeks to end reading postmodern theory and critique of it. I believe, of course, that these theories can lead towards sensible and productive understandings of this world and our place in it. I believe in the formative role language plays in our psyches, identities, relations and societies, and I believe that forms of textual analysis can be highly productive. Read more

Gonzo: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's Documentary Form
d 18 2012
m 3
In many contexts, the rich body of texts produced by the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is talked about as if it was characterized solely by the drug abuse of its author and his extraordinary gift for coining precise and often humorous phrases. Gonzo, as this genre of writing is often called, is then thought characterized by its psychedelia: the subjective experience before the objective truth; the crazed, bizarre, often exaggerated interpretations; the confusion of fact and fiction. Stylistically, these are key features. They cannot, however, by themselves explain the immense success of the good doctor as a journalist, writer and public persona. Read more

d 8 2012
m 3
I recall the eerie feeling that Zooropa gave me the first time I heard it - it was unlike anything I'd heard before, but I was already certain that this would change everything and nothing all at once. Read more
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